23 April 2009


Welcome to my crazy blog. I say crazy because I am in the process of getting braces and having upper jaw surgery which is VOLUNTARY. Here's a little background on me and my stoopid head.
My teeth are pretty straight. Very minor crowding in the bottom and even less in the top (except for one tooth which I had hidden with a veneer when I was 18). The problem is that my upper palate is very narrow and I have a bit of an overbite. When I smile I have 4 great teeth in the front then I have this empty space and it looks like I have no more teeth back there! So I have known this for ages but talked myself into believing that braces and an expander could fix it... well I was wrong. I need upper jaw surgery along with braces to fix this thing, which I wasn't too happy to hear. So, I am scheduled to meet with a surgeon and discuss the surgery and if I am willing to go through with it... stay tuned.
P.s. I have read through some great blogs which have really helped with my understanding of surgery and braces so thanks all!