22 August 2010

Moving and changing orthos!

I'm moving back to Brisbane in 5 weeks ! I've been living in Melbourne for 4 years now and I have enjoyed it heaps but I am really looking forward to going home. I miss the warm weather and my family. My fiance and I moved here for his work, and then we had another opportunity to go back for work so we took it. The only downside to moving is changing orthos, and hairdressers :) So I had an appointment last week and I will have my final one with her in 4 weeks. She has been really great and is a no fuss kinda gal which is comforting really. She just gets in there and does what she has to do and doesnt take any shortcuts. She has set me up with ortho that she has met many times when travelling to conferences around the world so I'm glad I get to finish my treatment with someone recommended by my original ortho. She insists on getting regular updates and pictures along the way too which made me feel like she really cares. I had some power chains put on at my last appointment which have been a tad painful. I opted for the silver ones since the clear ones stain and I just cant be bothered worrying about that! They look kinda dirty now with the silver thing on there but Id rather have that than yellow stained ones thats for sure. Its amazing how quickly my teeth move when I get my wired changed too - its only been a few days and already I can feel a difference. My bottom teeth have been really stubborn but are finally giving into the pressure. If all goes to plan I only have them on for another 6 months! I cant believe its been a year this week. Its really flown past which isnt exactly a bad thing.
So here's a new pic... not much change really.