21 April 2010

I'm slack

Sorry :(
So i've had braces for 7 months now... where does the time go?! My expander is out and I'm on the downhill slide to de-braceville. Not much has happened really except my teeth are getting a little more straight with each wire change, and I'm wearing bands now which is really making alot of difference. The estimated time until they're off is 10 months so thats not that far away at all. I cant believe its been 12 months this June since I had SARPE.
I tell you, the day the expander came out was one of the best feelings ever. Being able to swallow normally and talk normally was such an amazing feeling - something we all just take for granted. I dont even remember what it was like to have that thing in there. I think my brain memory dumped it.

Well theres not much else to tell on the mouth and teeth front. Here are some new pics to show the progress...

This last pic is the day it was cut out so there are a few red marks from where the wire was pressing on my gums. They left the brackets around my teeth in there because she said they were useful. I dont think thats the norm but I spose all orthos are different...
Geez that was a narrow mouth before! And my nose is visibly wider, which isnt a bad thing.