18 June 2010

A few changes

Let me see... whats happened since the last post I made? Well, not alot really! Boring.

But at my last appointment which was a week ago my ortho took off some brackets them replaced them in slightly different spots on my teeth. This is to help with straightening them up even more I'm told. I had to get some x-rays before hand so my ortho could see the roots of my teeth to determine where to place the new brackets (it was all very technical). I had a look at my x-rays and it was amazing to see how far the roots of your teeth actually go. They are like 2cm long :\ Another cool thing was seeing the new bone in my palate - she said everything looked great and the bone grew in nicely. Thank god.

So as for the pain associated with taking off the brackets... it was a tad painful but more uncomfortable. The top ones hurt more than the bottom ones but she made me bite down and some hard cotton ball thing which did help with the pain. When she took them off my 2 front teeth I threw my leg up in the air because it hurt and it jolted my head so I freaked out! I almost kicked the light above me :) they all thought it was hilarious but me, not so much. They werent the ones getting massacred. So when they were aboutt to put on my new backets on my front teeth, the assistant dropped one of them on the floor. No big deal right? Wrong. They only had 2 brackets in the whole place that were for a front tooth. They spent a good 15 minuts looking on the floor for this thing but couldnt find it. Im sitting in the chair with those mouth expander things in to open my lips up and expose my teeth (i looked like i was from a horror movie) and I was trying to look as well from the chair... until I started to dribble, then I knew I had better sit back down. So eventually they opted to put a different type of bracket on there... one with a band to hold it in place so I have to be careful about staining now on that tooth. Pfft. It acually looks alot smaller and less noticeable than my normal brackets. But because they stain that would really annoy me because I like to eat and drink things that stain.

So after that I couldnt chew for a few days but it wasnt as bad as I thought. Last time when they put a thick wire on the bottom holy moly, that was hell. I couldnt eat at all for 2 days and what I did eat was mush. Not fun. But thats life with braces isnt it! I know it will be worth it. Only 8 months to go for me. I cant believe I had surgery over a year ago now... I must be getting old because time is going faster and faster. Remember when you were 10 and a year felt like 5. Ok I am getting old because I'm reminiscing...

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  1. wow you look great!!
    i am only 4 weeks into my ortho treatment, but hopefully my results are as great as yours!
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