14 July 2011

Braces are OFF!

Holy moly - I cant believe the day finally came to have my braces removed! It felt short... but long if that makes sense. I would definitely do it again though. Getting the brackets off wasnt that bad, it was the cleaning and buffing and teeth shaping that was hard to take. More so because of the sensation as there wasnt much pain at all. When i finally got to look in the mirror I was so shocked to see teeth without something covering them, it was bizzare! It took me a moment to realise how straight they were because I had actually thought they wouldnt look as good as they do. They felt super slimey at first, like i had flour on them or something and they were all furry like i hadnt brushed for 7 years. That wore off though after a few hours of getting used to them though. I got my retainers done as well on the same day which look more like invisalign then a retainer and you cant even see them when I have them in which is awesome. When I compare pics of myself before and after I cant even believe the transformation - its amazing how a few mm's here and there cant totally change the shape of your face! Here are some comparison shots...